Welded Tubes

Welded Hot and Cold Rolled Pipes

from hot or cold strip – they are suitable for construction, structural and mechanical engineering purposes, threading and welding, for thermal and pressure devices and piping for gas and flammable substances.

Categories according to the type of welding and production:

  • ERW - longitudinally welded tubes/pipes, electric resistance welding without filler material
  • HFW/HFI - longitudinally welded tubes/pipes, high frequency welding and high frequency induction without filler material
  • SAWL -  longitudinally welded tubes/pipes, submerged arc welding in a protective atmosphere with filler material
  • SAWH  - spiral (helical) welded tubes/pipes, helically submerged arc welded in a protective atmosphere with filler material
Longitudinally/Spirally Welded Pipes ERW/HFW/HFI/SAWL/SAWH
Cold Rolled
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Standard DS/TDC Cold Rolled Welded Tubes/Pipes
Description Steel Quality Temperature of Use /Trial Stage
Precision Welded Steel Tubes/Pipes
EN 10 305-2 cold welded tubes/pipes E 195-235-275-315-355 + C, +LC, +SR, +A, +N
EN 10 305-3 calibrated tubes/pipes, cold welded E 195-220-235-260-275-320-355 + CR1, +CR2, +A, +N /+ S1, +S2, +S3, +S4
Welded Tubes for Construction and Structural Purposes
EN 10219-2/EN 10219-1 tubes for construction and structural purposes S 235 JRH do +270°C/ +20°C
    S 275 J0H, S 355 J2H 0°C / 0°C pre J0H, -20°C /-20°C pre J2H
Welded Tubes/Pipes for Thermal and Pressure Devices
EN 10224/EN 10224 pipes for water piping with specific characteristics at the ambient temperature L 235-275-355 do +270°C/ +20°C
EN 10255/EN 10255   S 195T do +270°C/ +20°C
EN 10217-1(5)/EN 10217-1(5)   P 235 TR1/2 do +270°C/ +20°C
EN 10217-2(5)/EN 10217-2(5) tubes with specific characteristics at elevated temperatures – boiler tubes P 235-265 GH - stav TC1/TC2 do +450°C,+470°C /+20°C
Welded Pipes for Piping for Gas and Flammable Liquids
EN ISO 3183 - PSL1 pipes for piping for gas and flammable liquids L 210-245-290-320-360 optional requirement
EN ISO 3183 - príloha M /PSL2   L 245NE-290NE-360NE-415NE optional requirement
API 5L - PSL1   Gr.A, Gr.B, X42-46-52-60 optional requirement
API 5L - PSL2   BNE, X42-52-60NE optional requirement
Fittings and Other Accessiories for Steel Tubes/Pipes
EN 13870 smooth bends 3DN/4DN/5DN voliteľná požiadavka optional requirement
EN 10224/KER 82-2.02 segmented bends 1.5DN/3DN/4DN/5DN voliteľná požiadavka optional requirement
Note : possibility of supply according to other norms and material.

Welded Pipes  - reduced
Hot Rolled
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Standard DS/TDC Cold Rolled Tubes/Pipes
Description Steel Quality Temperature of Use /Trial Stage
Welded Pipes  - reduced
EN 10 255 welded tubes/pipes, reduced by heat S 195 T + C, +LC, +SR, +A, +N
EN 10 217-1 welded tubes/pipes, reduced by heat P 235 TR1 + CR1, +CR2, +A, +N /+ S1, +S2, +S3, +S4