Pipe Shelving System

Production plastic coated steel tubes 

The upper layer is made of Polypropylene (PP) or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic coating and the core consists of a steel tube made of zinc-coated strip.
The protective coating is spread on the outer and inner side of the steel tube and in combination with the plastic coating it guarantees a higher resistance against corrosion.

Steel pipes coated with plastic 

  • Steel tubes made of zinc-coated strip, with plastic PP (Polypropylene) coating
  • Steel tubes made of zinc-coated strip, with plastic ESD coating  -  conductive insulation  - 10³ - 10⁸Ω  
  • Steel tubes made of zinc-coated strip, with plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) coating     

Plastic  PP/ESD/ABS coating – the surface with plastic coating is characterised by its resistance against alcohol, organic solvents, oils and acids. 
The core – steel tube made of zinc-coated strip
The plasticised tube is 100 % recyclable.

Steel varnished tubes – "KOMAXIT" system

  • Black or zinc-coated steel strip tubes with powder colour coating (KOM), with the thickness of 70-100 µn    
  • Powder colours KOMAXIT® are intended mainly for external finishes of metallic materials, which can resist the curing temperature of 140 –  200 °C.
Description Plastic coated pipes Varnished -Komaxit Tube length
Type of Insulation Color Ø 28,0x1,0 Ø 28,0x2,0 Ø 28,4x1,2 Ø 28,4x2,0 Ø 28,0x1,0 Ø 28,0x2,0
625 g/m 1190 g/m 770 g/m 1240 g/m 690 g/m 1350 g/m m
RAL Insulation Cream RAL9001   x x x x x x 4 m
Light Ivory RAL1015   x x x x x x
Light Grey RAL7035   x x x x x x
Traffic Grey RAL7042   x x x x x x
Pearl Light Grey RAL9022   x x x x x x
Sulfur Yellow RAL1016   x x x x x x
Traffic Red RAL3020   x x x x x x
Jet Black  RAL9005   x x x x x x
Pastel Green RAL6019   x x x x x x
Moss Green RAL6005   x x x x x x
Gentian Blue RAL5010   x x x x x x
Ultramarine Blue RAL5002   x x x x x x
ESD Insulation Jet Black ESD9005   x x x x ----- ----- 4 m
Light Grey ESD7035   x x x x ----- -----
- in case of a requirement for a different hue, it is possible to select from the "RAL" colour samples
- possibility to order the length of 6 m
- possibility to obtain other dimensions from Ø 20.0 - do 89.0 mm, by agreement
- dimensions of the core – zinc-coated steel strip tube Ø 26.0 mm and 26.9 mm according to EN 10305-3, E 220 + CR2/Z100
- outer dimensions of the plasticised tube Ø 28.0 mm and 28.4 mm (tol. +/- 0.10 mm)
- outer dimensions of the tube with Komaxit colour Ø 28.2 mm (tol. +/- 0,05 mm), colour thickness of 70-100 µn
- the mentioned colour hues may differ depending on the printing!